Men's Dress Socks: How to Wear Them Correctly

Some men just spoil a good outfit by wearing the wrong socks. This happens on a daily basis. It may sound like an exaggeration but it's true. Your socks can make a huge difference in how you look. Read on to know more.

If a man is dressed in a crisp navy blue suit complemented with a brown tie and cream shirt, he'd look well put together, won't he? Well, what happens when the man sits down and white athletic socks can be seen under his pants? It kind of spoils his well put together look, doesn't it? No matter how stylish or expensive the socks are, the white cotton flash between the bottom of his trousers and tops of shoes is highly likely to catch people's attention for all the wrong reasons. Check out   sock of the month club .

Here are some essential rules for putting on men's dress socks

Only put on white cotton socks for chores and athletics. There really aren't exceptions to this golden rule. You might be quite surprised by this as white socks are quite commonly considered as street wear. However, even jeans needs to be completed with brown, black or gray socks. If you're heading to the gym, then it's fine to wear white socks. But limit white socks to these kinds of activities.

Dress socks should be worn alongside dress shoes. This means you shouldn't consider color alone when selecting socks. Texture and thickness are also important. Athletic socks (whether black or other color) are usually thick and ribbed. Thus, they'll pop out of dress shoes. On the other hand, dress socks are made from a thinner, finer material that will easily slip into dress shoes and not pop out. Dress socks are vital when choosing an attire for an important event like a wedding or an interview. Get ready to learn about  funny socks .

Your socks and pants should match, and your shoes and belt should match too. Your socks' color should match your pants' color, except when wearing jeans. Black pants should be matched with black socks. For blue and brown pants, socks don't necessarily have to be the same color, but they certainly should be of a similar color family. If you're unsure, opt for socks of a darker color. This is very important as you want socks that appear integrated and fluid with your attire, rather than stick out. For denim pants, a good choice of socks would be brown, black or gray socks.